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15th European Individual Women's Chess Championship

The 15th European Individual Women's Chess Championship begins today 5th through 18th of July 2014 at 'Hall Plovdiv' in hotel Novotel, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The tourney is the first Chess event in the history under the patronage of UNESCO. The championship is an 11-round Swiss system with a time control of 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one. The event attracted 116 participants from 26 different countries including 8 GMs, 25 IMs, 29 WGMs, 2 FMs, 17 WIMs, 15 WFMs, 3 WCMs and other players. The prize fund for the event is 60,000 Euros, first place: 11,000 Euros, second place: 9,000 Euros and 3rd place: 7,000 Euros.

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